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Meet The Team

Real Hope Hub is a nonprofit organization that that wants to prevent abortion. We know that saying abortion is wrong is not a real way to work on this problem and it was with this in mind that we formed Real Hope Hub. We intend to list as many resources as we can find so that no matter what situation you are in, you can find help. Today I want to introduce the team here at Real Hope Hub.

Admin J.

Admin J is our president and one of the founding members of our organization. This is a cause that she deeply believes in and believes that through this project, many people can be helped through a difficult time.

Admin K.

Admin K is the secretary and founding member of Real Hope Hub. Admin S is his wife and they have been married for over seven years. Early in their marriage they had a miscarriage and it is that pain of losing a child that drives his work.

Admin S.

Admin S is the treasurer and founding member of our organization. She is the wife of Admin K. Her love of children is a driving factor in the work she does for the organization.

We are working everyday to find resources and would greatly appreciate any help in our endeavor. if you know of any resources that we are missing please tell us at

Admin K.

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